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Newly Furnished and Affordable Cattery available for Eastern Surburbs

Going on holidays soon? Blackburn Animal Hospital offers cat boarding facilities!

Our cat boarding facilities have recently been renovated and enriched to make sure your furry family members stay stress-free and enjoy the stay!


Before considering whether to board your cat please check their vaccination records to make sure they have been vaccinated within the past 12 months. If your cat is due for an annual vaccination, we can vaccinate your furry friend before check-in or even during the stay.

Blackburn Animal Hospital has a designated area for cat boarding. The skilled and experienced staff looking after your kitten or cat at Blackburn Animal Hospital throughout their stay are experienced veterinarians and caring veterinary nurses. We have the skills and ability to detect any abnormalities or illness at the earliest possible time and are trained in animal handling.

The team at Blackburn Animal Hospital focus on ensuring your cat is in a stress free environment and are provided with toys, bedding, Feliway® Diffusers (a pheremone which is a synthetic copy of the familiarisation facial pheromone that cats use to mark objects in their environment) running to decrease stress in cats as well as wet and dry food, litter trays and litter. We offer premium Hill's diets with 3 different favours and 3 different textures of wet food; we are confident we will please your cats' appetite although they are fussy eaters!!

Each cage is provided with three levels for them to jump around and we can also open a small door between the cages so that your cats can play together while staying individually in a spacious cage. Each room has a window for natural light and views; our cattery is climate controlled for comfort. Our veterinary team members frequently visit your cats for plays and cuddles so your furry friends enjoy their stay with us.

You will need to inform us of any health problems your pet may have had or is prone to. If medication is to be administered you should let us know at time of booking. Please write down the dose, frequency and name of medication. If on long term medication, please ensure you bring along extra just in case. 

An ideal boarding facility for your pet has a relaxed, calm atmosphere, created by a design that minimises stress and allows maintenance of a high standard of hygiene.

Please give us a call to discuss boarding and determine if your pet is up to date with the required vaccinations. Blackburn Animal Hospital recommends booking well in advance for busy periods such as school holidays, Easter and Christmas