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Cancer Management from Diagnosis, Treatment and Management

Cancer is not necessarily a geriatric disease. It is not uncommon to see young dogs with cancers. A cancer diagnosis is scary and upsetting but it does not always mean that is the end. There are many methodologies available to help your pet's. The most important thing to do is to know how to deal with the cancer from the beginning to end:

- Diagnosis with fine needle aspirate and/or biopsy
- Surgery to remove the cancer with wide margins and/or skin flaps or grafts, if needed
- Effective pain control management
- Histopathology (biopsy) to confirm the cancer and assess the margins
- Discussion of further treatment and prognosis
- Chemotherapy and/or radiation
- Alternative hoslistic therapies: hebal medicine, supplements and diet. 

No matter what the cancer is and what treatments your fur friends have received, there could be more available for you to consider. We are here just to provide you with all the options available and guide you to decide the best option for you and your four legged pet.

Please contact us for further advice.