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Pet Insurance

Many people see their furry friend as part of the family and when they become sick or injured, the reality of veterinary costs can come as quite a shock. Having pet insurance allows you to solely focus on the health of your pet rather than the costs. 

Our aim to to deliver the best treatment and management options for your furry faimly memebers and having pet insurance would be beneficial when it comes to decide for the best option for your loved pet. 

We are partnered with Petcover Pet Insurance and the benefits of Percover Pet Insurance for you are listed below:

  • Petcover Pet Insurance offers affordable cover options to suit your budget.
  • Each Pet Insurance policy is personally designed for your pet.
  • We offer Lifetime cover policies, meaning if your pet developed a chronic illness or disease, we will provide cover for treatment and medication for the rest of their life*.
  • Petcover customers can be assured the best treatment for their pet if they are involved in an accident.
  • Petcover includes liability cover: Third Party Liability Cover protects you if your pet causes personal injuries or damage to a third party and you are found legally liable.
  • Petcover have one of the shortest 'Waiting Periods'for illness and injury.
  • Experienced and helpful staff answering your calls seven days a week.

We can offer 4 weeks Introdectory Vet Cover for puppies and kittens; please contact our veterinary team for more details.