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Pain Management for Your Pets

We have been strongly focusing and practising on pain management for 30 years and seen great responses and positive outcomes in the patients' psychological and physical functions. Our pain management is also very effective on palliative care and this leads to good quality of life. Our patients recover from surgery quietly, calmly and pain-free.

Pets have a limited ability to express pain and it is our responsibilities to protect our patients from pain and distress. Pets will respond in different ways to acute pain: some will give piecrcing screams; others will become quite and hiding. Cats are also quite different from dogs and pain has been very much underestimated in cats because cats in pain will be quiet and withdrawn.

Good pain control is essential and also aids in a faster recivery time and maintains good quality of life. It also helps to keep our patients always happy to come back to us (and of course the parents too!!). After a surgery, our patients are always excited to come back.

Please contact us if you would like to know how we achieve this.